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Hi I have just joined and am hoping I can find some help for my MFBs..
I have two sets, one set is a pair of 22RH532 speakers I original bought in 1992 when I was a university student, they were tatty then but worked wonderfully, and made The Who's 'live at leads' sound like you were there, still do but I have neighbors now. The second set are a pair of 22RH544s that appear to be the fundamentally same speaker but with an updated case. Both sets have issues..

The older set the 532s have never had their grills the whole time I have had them, I would love to find a set, the second issue which is probably common is the lights to tell you they are on have failed, and failed many years ago now. There is a third issue in that the owner before me painted them black, and I have managed to get a lot of the paint an then discovered why they had been painted, the veneer is not in a great way, so I am planning on redoing that with some teak veneer. Currently they sit in some bookshelves in my office so you cant see the case! They are by far and away my favorite speakers.

The 544s have a simple issue.. one of them will not automatically turn on, but when the power relay is fixed to its on position works well, it's partner appears to be fine

I would love any advice on rectifying these issues
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Hello. Welcome to this nice forum. So you own a set of 532 for 32 years now. :clap: I think that is longer than the most of us. ;)
Concerning the light that indicates the speaker is turned on, you need this. In fact the value must be 6,3 V but this will do fine so I read in the text.

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The problem with your 544 seems not a very difficult one. :think:
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